Discovery Of Illegal Casino Reignites Gambling Debate In North Carolina


Poker, Cards, Aces, Chips, GamblingNorth Carolina law enforcement officials discovered the presence of an illegal casino establishment. Although gambling remains taboo in this part of the US, there are signs of imminent liberalization.

An illegal casino tucked away in a house

New in the small town of Trinity near central North Carolina. This city, which has less than 7,000 inhabitants, will experience the imprisonment of part of its population.

Even if the share of the incriminated population is relatively marginal, the fact remains that the damage is done. Indeed, in an unsuspected corner of the city, a house that served as a casino was discovered. Obviously, the house illegally housed games of chance.

Last Friday, accompanied by officials from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, authorities from the NCSBI (NC State Bureau of Investigation) raided the location indicated by complaints that have been mounting for several weeks. In view of the house, the finding is not difficult to establish. A sign is proudly erected on the building, and the visible inscription leaves no doubt as to what is going on inside.

The visible name of the establishment: 62 Blue Arcade. Inside, there are 25 casino games made up of table games and slot machines. During their investigation, the authorities will be able to seize a sum of money, the amount of which has not yet been disclosed. After having noted the exact location of the illegal casino, and on the basis of complaints received beforehand, arrests will be recorded.

Maybe towards a liberalization of the casino in North Carolina

Card, Game, A Deck Of Cards, PokerThe reality is that North Carolina is one of the conservative-leaning states of the United States. In this emblematic state of the USA, gambling is not well received. They are not welcome either. But it is not for lack of not having tried.

Attempts to introduce more lenient gambling laws have met with strong resistance in this part of the country. The only law that goes in this direction is the one that authorizes fundraising initiatives through “casino” evenings.

However, it can be noted that things seem to take an interesting turn on the Indian side of the state. Indeed, the East Band of the Indian Cherokee intends to launch a sports betting activity and a horse racing activity through the two casinos that it already controls. But this project remains inert pending the signature of Governor Ray Cooper. The latter has not yet given an opinion on this project on his side.

The Indian tribe already estimates that this new business activity will generate an additional $ 14 million in revenue each year, once it opens. For Richard Sneed, this initiative will please the many residents of Trinity, who love to watch sports. Table games and slot machines can obviously be established on this side of North Carolina, if sports betting and horse racing are allowed.

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